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Happy National Craft Month!

March is here ladies, and it's the best month of the year (this is of course helped by the fact that yours truly's birthday is in March).  The weather is starting to think about getting warmer, the days are decidedly longer, and it's National Craft Month!  So, Ladies, and Gentlemen, get out those sewing machines, iron that fabric, and thread those needles and get out there and craft.  Home crafting is experiencing a wonderful Renaissance, and we can help nudge it along.  Teach your love of playing with fabric, or yarn, or beads, or what have you to a neighbor, a friend, or a child.  Each of you will have a grand olde time.  Get out there and support your local guilds, stitch-and-bitches, and shows.  And this March, let's just pretty much get our Craft on!


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