October 20, 2010

HQ Sweet Sixteen

HandiQuilter has done it again!  They've upgraded their "Sit Down" machine, and let me tell you, it's amazing.  The original was so wonderful that we couldn't think of a thing to change (just ask Viv or Kathy, our resident HQ SitDown owners).  But, that's the sign of a good product, right?  You thinks it's perfect until the new one comes out and then you think, "Man, why didn't I think of that?"  So, I here by introduce you to the new HQ Sweet Sixteen.

The Best Stays the Same:

  • Full 16" throat space, with 8" of vertical space - more than 3 times the quilting space of the average domestic sewingmachine
  • Smooth table with available extensions assures an even quilting surface
  • Up to 1500 precision stitches-per-minute (average domestic sewing maching: 800 stitches per minutes)
  • Large capacity "M"-style bobbin
  • Hopping foot prevents fabric movement during a full-stitch cycle

Improvements to the Original:

  • Ability to save 3 preferred speed settings. One for slow, controlled quilting, one for free motion, and one for fast all-over designs
  • Adjustable Color-Touch Screen includes:
    • Customizable speed control
    • Stitch counters: Lifetime and resettable "Trip Meter"
    • Hardware and software info
    • Diagnostics
  • Customizable speed control
  • Stitch counters
  • Innovative Light Ring illuminates the quilting area with 28 LEDs
  • Use HQ  Rulers for perfect stitch-in-the-ditch and curved quilting lines

April 27, 2009

Introducing the Fusion

HQ_Fusion_outlined_for_web.jpgHandi Quilter introduces a NEW 24” long-arm quilting machine, the HQ Fusion ™.

Whether you want to start your own business from home or just desire a larger quilting space, the HQ Fusion provides you with the perfect answer to fit ALL your quilting needs. Using HQ technology, the HQ Fusion offers new features and benefits, such as front and back, easy-to-use. color touchscreens. The precision stitch-regulator provides up to 22 stitches per inch at over 2200 stitches per minute. Using the finger tip controls, you can simply control everything from your stitch length to the new warm and cool (and UV) LED lights. Made from the highest quality material, each HQ Fusion is built and tested in the USA.

September 24, 2008

Handi Quilter Special Offer!

Free shipping on all HQ Machine packages

From September 26–October 27, 2008 order your HQ Sixteen™, Simply Sixteen™, HQ Sixteen™ Sit-Down, or HQ Pro-Stitcher™ package (including an HQ table and frame) and receive FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.  UP to a $440 saving!  This limited time offer expires October 27, 2008. Contact us today at 860-651-8885


December 11, 2007

Pro-Stitcher Up & Running!

proStitch_hires5-sm.jpgOur installation is complete and the new computerized quilting is running on our HQ Sixteen! We installed the software and hardware in a few hours yesterday, and had a quilt top completed this morning using repeated block designs. It's very slick.

November 30, 2007

HQ ProStitcher Offer Ends at Midnight!

Introductory pricing for the new HQ16 ProStitcher ends at midnight!

You can order your prostitcher package for delivery between now and February. Our demo has shipped and we'll be installing it next week. Call for an appointment to see this new feature!